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Chris Mathews

892 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Chris Mathews 892 days ago
Chris M Childhood Hunger
Chris Matthews, Wake County
Kevin, Red Hat,
Sarah - high school 
Bradley Upchurch - community education specialist, City of Raleigh, Digital Connectors
Zady Ortiz, Data for Good, RTP 
Angela Ferrier, NC State, front end developer, minorities in tech, childhood hunger
Bonner Gaylord
TJ McCourt - City of Raleigh, Parks and Rec
Questions and comments:
How do we create a better innovation process for increasing awareness, engagement, and sourcing ideas to solve a problem like childhood hunger?
What factors are correlated with hunger?
School report cards
events and online awareness
literature review before hackathon - care givers, doctors helped frame the issues before people took the issue on
Geographic overlay of where hungry children are, where grocery stores are, where EBT is taken, USDA SNAP retailers, geographic data, census track information
Mobile farmers market
how to increase the number of places that accept EBT, would it be helpful?, ask affected population what places they wish accepted EBT...
Who are the existing organizations working on the issue and how effective are they?
Ask existing groups and companies what they would like to see
Wedding registry - donor's choose for those organizations
Where is the money going currently? Make them accountable. Explore how government determines whose research to fund. How do venture capital firms evaluate an idea?
How can we use the current money better?
Democratize the process not only from the problem solvers perspective but consumers perspective. e.g.  how do you get hungry children to vote on what they want?
Identify people in existing childhood hunger organizations to be ambassadors
How can the tech community help nonprofits up the learning curve to use tech/data for good?
RTI in a box mobile tech deployment
Many homeless people in the Triangle area now have smartphones
How to shorten the time frame of service delivery? Uber drivers distribute leftover food from big events in real time. phone tree instead of Uber.  Delivery channel - liability 
Panera Cares 
Have a civic hackathon specifically focused on childhood hunger.
unconference component - keynote, workshops, have agencies working on childhood hunger pitch ideas for what to work on ("Here's my unmet need.")
use challengepost.com to post resources ahead of time
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894 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Ashley McClelland , Chris Mathews 894 days ago
Ashley M Leave Feedback on the Event
(Taste of CityCamp & Lightning Talks on Thursday, June 11, 2015)
What went well?
  • Pizza & Beer!
Chris M
  • Social Media was phenomenal 
Ashley M What went OK?
What can we improve on next year?
Other comments?
893 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Chris Mathews 893 days ago
Location: Wake County Commons Building
Chris M 4011 Carya Drive
Raleigh, NC

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