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Leo Suarez

892 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Adam J. Martin , Leo Suarez 892 days ago
Adam M Affordable Rental Housing Tracking (Unconference, 4pm)
  • Hugh Devine
  • Eric Jackson
  • Zeydy Smith
  • Morgan Spencer
Leo S Resources
Leo S
Adam M NC - hugh_devine@ncstate.edu
Methodology Notes
  • Start with ACS data (Block Group) = model out 
  • Median Rent
  • Population Demographics
  • % Rents
  • Refine Inventory with Rental Database
  • Layering in Affordability Trends
Data Sources:
  • Private Real Estates:
  • Work with Association - Realtor - Goulding (Cary) 
  • Rental Inventory is low
Inventory Layer
Pricing Layer
  • Give Advocacy groups easy way to report
892 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Leo Suarez 892 days ago
Leo S Twitter Carpool
Going over Jim's web application
  • Enter in where you are and where you are going.
  • A geohash is generated as well as the ability to tweet your route.
  • How to show over a map all your options on other routes so a user can choose one.
  • Twitter is used as the matching mechanism.
892 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Leo Suarez 892 days ago
Leo S Autonomous Vehicles
What steps should the city make today in order to be prepared for a future transportation system that involves autonomous buses and cars?
How do we encourage this in Raleigh? Be a test bed for it.
  • Will vehicles be owned or rented only?
  • Electric vehicles need to be charged conveniently, batteries can be swapped.
  • How to get always changing data to the vehicles
  • 60-80% possible gain in efficiency in the transportation network
  • Could you use some type of transportation modeling to see where people are and where they want to go.
  • Can identify most efficient areas for autonomous vehicles.
  • Could roll out privately versus public.
  • Las Vegas is a city that has the resources to fund that in the area.
  • Plan for areas that are lower risk so that autonomous vehicles can coexist with self-driving vehicles.
  • How can we see the crash data to put pressure on manufacturers to require safety features on all auto-cars.  We'll get to a point where they are safer than a human driving.

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