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Jen Baker

892 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Jen Baker 892 days ago
Jen B List of Pitches
  • illegally passing school buses targeted enforcement
  • disaster response discussion to apply locally
  • explain GitHub 101
  • Durham City/County open data portal feedback
  • Agile Coach at Red Hat share ideas for not just software development
  • PaceFit common hub for citizens who want access to data that isn't already open, place  & process to request it
  • engaging budgets: budgets are complicated, dull, and one of the most important things that happen in gov't
  • non-developers make apps on open data, how develop mobile apps where anyone can participate
  • millennial generation transform apathy into proactiveness - app to tap into issues of community, making them active participants
  • WCPSS bus tracking system real-time for parents and students (secure)
  • change life trajectories: tracking and tackling hunger
  • waffle.io web-based project based management tool
  • carpool aggregation tool through twitter
  • sensors on light post - what do you do with it? 
  • Open Raleigh explore innovation ecosystem (coproduction)
  • housing - no single set of data that shows where rentals are and how that is changing, address affordability
  • inductive wireless charger, self-driving is coming - what do we need to do to plan for autonomous vehicles
  • reduce speeding in my neighborhood - create a tool, a sensor, that can collect the data
  • open source plug-ins, java script to make web applications 
  • sold her car, riding bus and riding bike more, how to take a bus to a greenway or recreational spots (combine data)
  • Open Raleigh redesigning the portal to make it more engaging - brainstorming feedback session to better visualize/represent what data exists
  • local wiki 101 source - losing knowledge so need to capture it
  • brainstorm session on civic projects that get started at event like CityCampNC and then die
  • sets of data that don't exist; Parks trying to make facilities totally accessible without a car - what do we do without a sidewalk map of entire city?
  • historic Oakview county park

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