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Randall Hayes

892 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Adam J. Martin , Randall Hayes 892 days ago
Adam M
  • Visualizing Budgets (Unconference Session 1pm)
Held at 100-C
Eric Jackson - DemocracyApps - 
Adam Martin - @OpenRaleigh - adam.martin@raleighnc.gov
Todd Delk - City of Raleigh - @tacotodd
Examples of Budget Visualizations
  • NC Common Sense - working on visualizing state-level data
What are the "budget stories" that citizens care about?
  • Sharing specifics: I want to share this specific subitem in the budget associated with "special projects"?
  • Where is my increase in taxes going?
  • Aggregation of budget info
  • Comparisons of tax rates to other municipalities? What
  • People per 1,000 citizens
  • Budget controversies
  • How do I make the case for my pet capital project? 
  • "No form letters" says Lori Bush
  • My Budget / SIM City (Game?) - for Capital Projects; Priority order....
  • Rank Order Capital Projects
  • Increase %s Allow citizens to manipulate the percentages of budget categories
  • Consequences of my prioritization? e.g. this bridge collapses...
Budget Engagement Process
  • Basic Cycle:
  • Oct, Process starts
  • January, Public Comment 
  • May, present drafts
  • Participatory budgeting in Greensboro
  • Budgetopoly app?
  • Citizen Budget Process
  • Center for Emerging Issues - the "Commons platform" - not much usage
  • Health, Energy/Env, Education, Economy
  • "Challenge Space" - submitting ideas
  • Too broad?
  • Simple Feedback Tools in Website
  • CityZen - Polling in social media and news
  • antennae.is
  • Cary uses Facebook
  • Cary - aggregates comments manually by Department
Randall H What do users actually want to know (John Oliver dick pics)?
  • How many people actually work here, per citizen?
  • Comparisons between jurisdictions
Taxpayer receipts paper from UNC Government dept
Innovations fund PAYS professors to work on issues
Participatory budgeting game
NC Commonsense Duke students do the state budget
Greensboro is experimenting with participatory budgeting
Institute for Emerging Issues has a comments gathering tool
Could there be one challenge question within a budget?
Design company was in Oregon; what lessons could we learn from the fact that no one is using it?
City of Asheville built Simplicity, a search engine for place-based stuff

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